Risk Tolerance

Dave has been appropriately labeled as ‘The Risk Tolerance Guru’. He was part of a research project that determined the 10 Influencing Factors of Risk Acceptance and he developed presentations, workshops, training materials, keynote talks and videos on the topic. This material has been used by companies around the world and Dave can bring this practical knowledge to every level in your organization from CEO’s to Safety Professionals to Line Management and Front Line Workers.

Behaviour Based Safety

Dave is an expert on the behavioural aspects of safety and can provide awareness presentations, detailed workshops and keynote talks on the topic. He teaches Behaviour Based Safety courses at the University of Alberta and can provide workshops for safety professionals, managers and supervisors on the topic. His keynote talk Taming the Beast debugs the myths about Behaviour Based Safety.

Human Factors in Safety and Engineering

What makes a safe work site? Dave can answer that question for your management, safety professionals and engineers through his Human Factors presentations, workshops and assessments. Dave currently teaches this topic at the University of Alberta to safety professionals and engineers. He can do the same for your company.

Safety Management Systems

ExxonMobil recognized Dave as having Advanced Skill Milestones on safety management and thus appointed him as the Senior Technical Professional for Safety for the company. He has developed safety management models that have provided a foundation for Imperial and ExxonMobil’s systems and have also been shared and published external to the company. He was part of an ExxonMobil and Imperial team that developed comprehensive Safety Management System training for managers and supervisors.

Protective Clothing

Dave has lead a number of task forces and research projects to ensure workers are protected from all the hazards of their workplace. His latest project was to bring awareness to the hazards of steam and hot water and initiated research to develop fabrics that provide flash fire and hot water protection in a comfortable garment. His presentation called ‘Flash and Splash’ can bring both the awareness and technical details to your organization.

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